Thanks to the air handle and the flat bottom design the package stands up straight when displayed on shelves.

Make an impression! Colours and sharpness will do justice to any communicative intention and will present the product just as tasty and inviting as you want.

Show off! Fight the battle of the shelves with a unique pitcher-like design and attract the fast moving, easily distracted consumer.

Stand out! An Ecolean package has a generous face for maximum package communication impact.


Win the battle of the shelves and the hearts of the consumers

80% of all shopping decisions are made in the store, and your new Ecolean package can certainly be the difference between failure and success. To begin with, the design has proved very efficient when it comes to taking consumer eyes by storm. Ecolean’s unique jug-format stands out on the shelf. Yet it looks familiar. So familiar your hand naturally reaches for it. On top of a strong character, the surface has a generous face display for print. With colours and sharpness that highlight your communication.

The Ecolean package is the perfect tool if you want your brand to convey a feeling of freshness and innovation. All combined, these visual and extremely important features are certain to draw the attention of the fast-moving, easily distracted consumer.