See the shopper through the retailer’s eyes – behavior rather than attitudes

Manufacturers have long segmented their end-use consumers. Although many still rely on basic demographic information such as age, gender, ZIP code and socioeconomic status, most have included behavioral and attitudinal variables as well. 

What is now happening is that retailers, too, are segmenting their shoppers in more sophisticated ways. Some retailer segmentation looks like traditional manufacturer models. The more advanced models include shopping behavior as a key component.  

The challenge for manufacturers is to deeply understand how retailers segment their consumers and vice versa. The big change now is that instead of segmenting consumers through focus groups and how they express their opinions and attitudes, we are now focusing on how people behave in-store and segmenting target groups from a shopper mission perspective. 

So don’t forget we are going from consumer attitude to shopper behavior – from focus groups to in-store action. 

The Shopper Marketing article series from Ecolean shares interesting shopper insights from the FMCG world. We also share some tips on how to leverage packaging in the in-store battle.