The beauty of a great store

Ecolean Shopper Marketing InsightsA big question is what defines a great and shopper-friendly store. One of the most striking features of many of the best stores is their attractive appearance. They have the ability to engage shoppers by making a connection with the salient and latent needs that drive purchases. 

Each retailer understands his and her shoppers and presents an appropriate and appealing selection of merchandise. The store layouts, fixtures, lightning and merchandising all attract the shopper's attention to the products and their benefits while reinforcing the retailer's brand identity. 

And the stores keep the experience fresh by providing a steady stream of innovations – new goods and services, promotions, and special events – to entertain and delight the shoppers. For some inspiration on great stores: click here.

The Shopper Marketing article series from Ecolean shares interesting shopper insights from the FMCG world. We also share some tips on how to leverage packaging in the in-store battle.