Chiba Lotte Marines

In 2018, Japanese baseball team Chiba Lotte Marines was on the lookout to reduce the waste volume generated during games. A juice drink in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 250ml with straw was a perfect match.

Chiba lotte marines

With the launch, Chiba Lotte Marines became the first brand to introduce Ecolean packages to consumers in Japan. The Ecolean packages, marketed under the name Victory Berry Juice, are promoted for their user-friendliness, low environmental impact and becoming completely flat when empty.

The drinks are sold at the stadium and nearby supermarkets, just outside of Tokyo. At the stadium, consumers can engage with brand ambassadors who promote the team and the victory drink. Consumers are also able to win prizes by saving the tear off tip and hand them in to the brand ambassadors.

Marines multi-design

The utilisation of Ecolean’s multi-design print possibilities enables Chiba Lotte Marines to promote five different design connected to the team. Either the consumers buys a five-pack to collect all designs, or buy their favourite design as a single pack. The design with fish mascot has proven to be the most popular.

Chiba lotte poster

Victory Berry Juice in Ecolean packages

  • Launched summer 2018
  • Multi-design with 5 different designs
  • Targeting women and children
  • Ambient distribution in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 250ml


Lotte is a multinational conglomerate with headquarters in South Korea and Korea’s fifth largest business group, based on assets. The group is active in several different business areas; food, retail, tourism, service, chemicals, construction, manufacturing, and finance. Since 1971, is the owner of Chiba Lotte Marines.