In 1998, Molvest was on the lookout to modernize its flagship brand Vkusnoteevo. The choice fell on Ecolean's lightweight packages which have been a success story ever since.

Vkusnoteyevo pack

The brand became one of the first customers to launch the innovative Ecolean packages on the Russian market. Sales of milk rose sharply after the launch and the Ecolean packages enable Vkusnoteevo to differentiate from competitors and offer a modern convenient package to consumers.

Since the launch in 1998, new products and innovations have been introduced. In 2010, the brand introduced UHT-milk in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 1000ml and in 2017, UHT-cream in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml.

Tasty - Tastier - Vkusnoteevo

Vkusnoteevo, which translates as "Tasty dairy products", is proud to offer consumers natural tasty dairy products and in a 2018, Vkusnoteevo won a prestigious prize as the tastiest brand in Russia according to Narodnaya Marka's nationwide survey. All milk that is processed comes from their own farms and the products are sold all over Russia in major retail chains. In Voronezh city, the company also operates their own retail stores. In the stores, consumers can interact with brand ambassadors, watch a live feed from the farms and buy dairy products produced by the company.

“Thanks to this package, we experience significant growth in market share for cream and we will continue to build on this success”
- Mr. Boris Dekhaev Dep. General Director Marketing, Molvest Group

Molvest case movie

Natural tasty dairy products in Ecolean


Founded in 1969, as Voronezh milk factory, the company has experienced tremendous growth and development during the years. Today, Molvest is one of the leading dairy companies in Russia with a large brand portfolio and process more than 400 000 tons of milk per year. Ecolean packages can be found in four Molvest brands.