And more circularity. We’ll globally debut Ecolean® Air Aseptic Clear, a unique and transparent package that’s lightweight, flexible and has a smaller carbon footprint. It’s also certified as recyclable in existing recycling systems for mixed polyolefins. The advantage is Clear.


And more convenience. Experience how our eye-catching packages, displayed in the Ecolean Minimart, will boost your shelf appeal as well as consumer affection.


And more simplicity. You’ll meet our team who’ll be happy to tell you more about how our filling lines, flexible service concept and sustainability initiatives will make life easier for you.



At Drinktec we will launch a new webinar series called ”Less is more”. Visit our booth for the live version of the seminars, where you will of course get the chance to ask questions directly to our speakers. Below you will find the time slots for all seminars in our booth.

If you are not visiting Drinktec, or if you are not able to participate on the appointed time, you can still register and join the webinar online or watch it on demand later on. 

Johnny Sajland

Chief Commercial Officer, Ecolean


The future is Clear

september 12 - 2.pm (CEt)

The future is Clear - Ecolean’s unique, transparent and aseptic stand-up pouches – meeting the demands of health- and sustainability-oriented consumers.

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Less plastic is fantastic, but why the bad reputation?

september 13 - 10.am (CET)

Bo Wallteg is a journalist with a long background in the packaging industry. In this seminar he will share his views on the status for plastics today. Is bioplastic the solution for the future?

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bo wallteg

Editor in chief, Nord emballage

Anna Palminger

Director Sustainability, Ecolean


Transparency is crucial for the future of packaging

september 13 - 2 p.m (CEt)

In this seminar Anna Palminger will explain how a life-cycle approach could move the entire packaging industry towards transparency and comparable environmental data.

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filling made easy

september 14 - 10 a.m (CEt)

In this seminar, Jennifer Severinson will take you through how Ecolean's filling lines take the load of the operators and reduce your utility consumption.

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jennifer severinson

Product Management & Technology, Ecolean

Hanna jeppson

Director Communications, Ecolean


Sustainability as a core value – and communication success factor

september 14 - 2 p.m (CEt)

Hanna Jeppson will explain how you can increase your credibility by using transparency in your sustainability communication.

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packaging design - an asset in social media

september 15 - 10 a.m (CEt)

In this seminar, packaging designer and social media specialist Hanna Wallteg will explain how you can use your packages to create stories in your social media channels.

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Hanna wallteg

Packaging designer, Ecolean

jonas ekberg

Business Development Manager,
Technical Service, Ecolean


Ecolean FlexCare™ - Why one size does not fit all

september 15 - 2 p.m (CEt)

In this seminar, Jonas Ekberg will guide you through the most flexible service agreement in the packaging industry and why we believe that one size does not fit all.

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