Choose between returnable plastic crates or disposable cardboard boxes. With automated handling of cardboard boxes a carton erector, packer and sealer are optional.

Straws for ecolean Air 200 and Ecolean Air 250 is optional.

CIP is fully automated and require no manual procedures.

Each hermetically sealed hygienic package is opened, filled and sealed in only 2.4 seconds.

The pre-sealed, ready-to-fill packages come pre-printed on reels.

Advanced but easy to use monitoring system and operator interface.

Quick and simple procedures when switching package sizes allows a maintained production level.

Ecolean® EL2 filling machine

For portion sized packages, chilled distribution

The EL2 filling machine is automatic and adaptable with four filling stations for filling liquid food products into Ecolean® Air packages. The design is compact and easy to operate. It is possible to switch between the package sizes. During the actual filling procedure - the hermetically pre-sealed package is opened approximately 2 seconds during filling, before it's sealed again which ensures hygienic properties.


  • Filling volume/package sizes: 200ml, 250ml and 450ml
  • Capacity of 5400 packages/hour (200ml and 250ml) 5000 packages/hour (450ml)
  • Machine capacity is based on applications like standard milk
  • Filling accuracy Standard deviation 3ml
  • Automatic packer optional
  • Straw applicator optional

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