A constant, positive flow of sterile filtered air protects the filling chamber.

Packages are opened, filled and sealed in a sterile environment. Air is blown into the package handles.

Product is measured into packages with flow meters and dosing valves.

Packages are sterilised on the outside to avoid contaminating the sterile filling chamber.

Ecolean® EL3 filling machine

For family sized packages, ambient distribution

The EL3 is a reliable and modern filling machine designed for aseptic filling of high and low-acid food products into Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages. The pre-sterilised ready-to-fill packages are supplied hermetically sealed from Ecolean factories. Before opening, filling and sealing in the filling machine, the outer surfaces of the packages are sterilised using a system of diluted hydrogen peroxide and UV light.

To reduce manpower needs and downtime, the Ecolean EL3 features automatic roll-change, material splicing, advanced monitoring system and operator interface. CIP (Cleaning In Place) is fully automated. External cleaning is handled automatically in an integrated circulating cleaning system.


  • Filling volume/package sizes: 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml.
  • Capacity of 6000 packages/hour.

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Virtual filling machine

The Ecolean EL3 is a modern filling machine with a small footprint and high efficiency, designed for the aseptic filling of low-acid food products into Ecolean Air Aseptic packages.