Consumer perspective

How does your brand capture the attention of the fast-moving and easily distracted consumers of today?

Studies show that up to 80% of all shopping decisions are made in the store. Standing out where the decision is made, is essential.

The only thing a brand can fully control in the store is the packaging type and the design on the packaging. A standout package can certainly be the difference between failure and success. Win the battle of the shelves and the hearts of consumers with Ecolean.

The Ecolean package has proven very efficient when it comes to taking consumer eyes by storm. Ecolean’s unique jug-format stands out on the shelf and the surface has a generous face display for print. It is the perfect tool if you want your brand to convey a feeling of freshness and innovation.

Worldwide success stories

As you’ll learn from our customer cases, the typical Ecolean customer is a dairy or a beverage company. But being an innovator, we see our customers in a wider perspective; retail and consumers are just as important.