Ecolean EL6 filling machine

For portion-sized packages, ambient distribution

EL6 INCREASES filling capacity, making it Ecolean’s fastest machine to date. launched 2018.

The EL6 features six fillers to increase capacity filling up to 18,000 portion-sized packages per hour. Perfectly suited for filling aseptic high and low acid liquid food products into Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages, the EL6 uses up to 30% less air, water and energy during both production and cleaning, compared to previous version.

The pre-sterilised ready-to-fill packages are supplied hermetically sealed from Ecolean plants. Before opening, filling and sealing in the filling machine, the outer surfaces of the packages are re-sterilised.

To complete the EL6 filling line, optional equipment include a CIP unit, a straw applicator, a package buffer unit and a package conditioning unit as well as easy configuration to secondary packaging solutions.


  • Filling volume/package sizes: 125ml, 200ml and 250ml
  • Capacity of up to 18,000 packages/hour
  • Straw applicator optional