Determining the right fit

Being a filling line system supplier with streamlined decision making, Ecolean is able to quickly respond and remain flexible for your convenience. Our tailor-made service agreements are developed to provide exactly the right service and support for your business, in every stage of the lifecycle. In close collaboration with you, we will together determine the optimal service solution for your operations. In all cases: Our commitment, expertise and high-quality parts bring you peace of mind and help you meet the highest food safety demands and the most ambitious performance targets.

Please consider the following parameters when designing your Ecolean FlexCare™ service agreement:

What is your cost of downtime?

Downtime means not only lost productivity but also increased waste material. In worst case, downtime cannot be recovered meaning lost production capacity and even product waste. Short stoppages can have a big impact on downtime when added together, but can be minimised by optimising the production line.

How sensitive is your process and product?

Your FlexCare™ service agreement is tailored to your unique operational needs, the configuration of your filling line and the specifics of your product. The level of product sensitivity can directly impact your cost of downtime, and enhance the need for a flexible service agreement.

Where is your plant located?

Remote locations or unpredictable custom procedures may require keeping parts in stock or having trained technicians available onsite. For even faster support, consider including Connected Services and Remote Support in your FlexCare™ service agreement.

What is your desired level of connectivity?

Predicting and preventing problems gets easier when all involved parties have the right insight at hand. You can choose to use data not only to analyse your past, but also predict
the future. Sharing your equipment data with Ecolean enables fast remote support and process optimisation.

How proactive is your planning?

Excel in predictive maintenance and proactive service strategies thanks to access to historical data on your equipment’s performance, comprehensive analyses, and real-time
operational information.

How is your personnel turnover?

High personnel turnover may be disruptive for your production. Increase staff productivity, uptime and employee satisfaction with proper training, online or on-site.

How is the technical competence of your staff?

The size of your operation and the competence of your staff affects your production efficiency as well as the level of support needed. Make sure to tailor technical training and support in your Ecolean FlexCare™ service agreement according to the needs of your staff.

Are you achieving your targets?

Your customers demand high-quality products and reliable deliveries. Avoid missing any uptime or delivery targets, which could result in reduced profit or customer loyalty.

Sleep better at night

Every facility is different, which is why it can be difficult to predict maintenance strategies in general. Every piece of equipment, location and business is unique, and what works for one production line or plant may not work for another. That’s why understanding your specific situation is crucial.

With Ecolean FlexCare™, we stay close to you and help you achieve your performance targets, keep your customers happy, run your production with confidence and continuously increase the skills and competence of your staff. Choose FlexCare™ and sleep better at night.