Enabling circularity for flexible plastic packaging

By engaging and sharing knowledge with the recycling industry and working with dedicated recycling projects, we enhance recycling opportunities for our packaging solutions.

The availability of collection systems for plastic packaging, as well as sorting and recycling processes vary between countries. It is important for us to work closely with our customers and local recycling organisations to improve the opportunities to recycle our packages. Recycling is a priority for Ecolean as it is essential for the sustainable use of packaging and contributes towards a circular economy.

how we work to promote recycling around the world

  • Ecolean has set a goal to offer a new range of packaging designed for easy recycling, by 2025 at the latest.
  • As an active member of CEFLEX, Ecolean is working towards a circular economy for flexible packaging.
  • On the Swedish Institute for Standards’ (SiS) technical committee for plastics, Ecolean contributes to formulating standards for plastic recycling.
  • Ecolean is a member of the recycling initiative Collect & Recycle (CoRe) in Pakistan, which aims to enable packaging recycling in this market.
  • In China, Ecolean is active in three different circular economy associations to engage in and support the recycling of plastics, develop recycling infrastructure and the circular economy in the market.