Reels of hermetically sealed packaging material are placed and prepared for splice in the unwinding unit.

In the top cut unit the top strip of the packages are cut away. The separator unit separates the package web into single packages, which are then transferred to the filling zone.

In the filling zone, packages are opened, filled with product and sealed in a HEPA filtered environment.

Filled packages exit through the outfeed unit and are placed onto a conveyor belt to be transported to additional downstream equipment that meets the customer’s and market demands.

The optional air handling unit consists of HEPA filtered air with individually controlled laminar door barriers.

Aseptic membrane valves with an option to add steam for sterilization of filling system.

the EL2+ uses the latest Omron control system that features a virtual master servo axis to enable optimization of machine performance.

Ecolean® EL2+ filling machine

For portion sized packages, chilled distribution


The EL2+ features five fillers and a completely redesigned servo system that uses motors instead of pneumatic cylinders to double capacity by reducing cycle times nearly 40 percent from 2.4 to 1.5 seconds. Portion-sized Ecolean® Air packages are produced up to 12,000 packages per hour. The design is compact and easy to operate. It is possible to switch between the package sizes.

The EL2+ increases product safety and quality with a fully-automated cleaning system of the filling zone. A steam system can be added to the valve cluster system made with aseptic membrane valves, which enables sterilization of the entire filling system. Other options for the EL2+ include a straw applicator for several different straw types.


  • Filling volume/package sizes: 200ml, 250ml and 450ml
  • Capacity of up to 12 000 packages/hour
  • Straw applicator optional

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