Ecolean Flexcare™


We know that your business is unique. This means that a traditional service agreement is bound to offer you either less or more than you actually need. That’s why we’re now in­troducing Ecolean FlexCare™, a uniquely tai­lored service agreement that makes sure you can always produce as planned – with exactly the right service support for your business.

At Ecolean, we believe in flexibility and sustainability, and we put our customers front and centre. We help make sure you can always deliver as promised, while meeting the highest quality and food safety demands.

One size doesn't fit all

Ecolean FlexCare™ is uniquely tailored and fully customi­sed. Based on your specific situation and needs, we advise you on suitable services and help you make a service plan. There is a wide range of service features to choose from.

Benefits of Ecolean FlexCare™

  • Maximised uptime
  • Cost control
  • Priority support
  • A good night's sleep
  • Exactly the Ecolean equipment services you need, based on your market and production conditions
  • Easy to expand or reduce the scope of the service agreement, depending on how your production develops

Customised service to optimise your performance

By collaborating with our customers, we have learned a lot. We understand what’s driving your business. We know that your situation is unique and we ensure that your equipment remains in top condition to produce as planned.

Ecolean FlexCare™ is tailor-made to address your specific needs and requirements. Do you wish to maximise uptime or lower your operational costs? Perhaps ideally both. By actively listening to and evaluating your daily challenges, we can propose the perfect service solution for your business. You will benefit from proactive action leading to pre­dictable and stable expenses, zero surprises and immediate reaction from our technicians when needed.

Get in touch to learn more about Ecolean FlexCare™ and how our flexible approach can be tailored to your needs.

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Wear parts

Optimise your production with original wear parts that fit your Ecolean filling line perfectly.

Corrective parts

Make sure your equipment regains its original performance, maintaining all warranties.

Planned maintenance

Ensure smooth production and avoid unexpected costs.

Corrective maintenance

Take advantage of Ecolean’s vast experience and receive fast and reliable support.

On-site spare parts stock

Minimise downtime by always having the right parts at hand.


Improve your productivity with on-site and online training for operators and technicians.

Extended wear parts warranty

Stay on budget as wear parts costs never exceed those that are predicted.

On-site technicians

Optimise your production and get help planning and executing maintenance.

Equipment upgrades

Improve productivity and safety with hardware and software upgrades.

Remote support

Safeguard production through instant remote support and avoid expensive service visits.

Performance audits

Optimise your output and deep dive into problem areas to address root causes.

Future services

As a completely flexible and tailor-made service concept, Ecolean Flexcare, will continuously evolve and develop new features.

Connected services

Optimise processes and maximise uptime by sharing your production data with us.

24/7 support

Ensure the quick resolution of problems around the clock to minimise downtime.

Win win win

When you and your customers are happy, we also sleep well at night.