Its light weight alone

saves our common resources

Ecolean’s mission is to provide the world with safe and convenient packaging solutions for liquid food with minimal environmental impact. To Ecolean, this means to always have a life cycle approach on developing and producing packaging solutions.

Lightweight packaging is the approach Ecolean has taken to saving nature’s resources. Saving resources is no longer just a matter of looking at the waste end of a package life cycle. Equally important are the resources used at its beginning.

Less raw material from the start. The Ecolean package puts other packages in the shade. An Ecolean package weighs 50-60% less than a conventional liquid food carton package or bottle. The plastic used in a one litre Ecolean® Air Aseptic package weighs a mere 14.3 grams.

Lightweight is a winning formula. Reducing the amount of packaging material used, transported and disposed creates great gains in the whole product life cycle. Brand owners using lightweight packaging are not only reporting cost savings but also improved environmental profile, brand image and company reputation among other benefits.

Reduced raw material use

By using a minimal amount of raw material we create a lightweight package. Saving natures resources is no longer just a matter of looking at the waste end of a packages life cycle. Just as important are the resources going in. The Ecolean® Air Aseptic 1000ml package weighs only 14.3 grams.

Saved resources

Less use of raw materials saves energy during production, transport and waste handling. Light and slim as it is you will find resource-saving arguments throughout the whole life cycle not just at the end. The Ecolean manufacturing process requires less water, less energy and emit less greenhouses gas. Saving resources is saving the environment.

Saved energy

The lighter the package the more energy you save. At Ecolean we use less material from the start. Our package weights just 50-60% of a conventional liquid food carton or bottle.

Less waste

An empty Ecolean package is really empty. When viscous products, like yoghurt, are sold in conventional 1 litre packages as much as approximately 1 decilitre stays in the package and is thrown away for no reason. Once empty, the Ecolean package is flat as an envelope and saves space in the trash bag, which naturally has a positive effect on the whole waste handling process.

Less transport

Low waste volumes save considerable resources in the waste handling process, for example by reducing the need for waste transport. Imagine the space, energy and transport saved in a world of Ecolean packages.