Sustainability policy

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For Ecolean, sustainability is truly at the core of our business, and has been since the start. Our ambitions are high because we know that we can make a difference. Ecolean's vision and mission are foundations, which set the requirements for our sustainability approach.

Ecolean's sustainability policy:

Ecolean delivers unique lightweight packaging solutions to liquid food producers around the world. We believe in resource-efficiency – both in terms of our innovative products and the way we conduct our business. We develop products and solutions in an ongoing
dialogue with our stakeholders in order to meet their demands in the most efficient way.

In a world of growing population and customer demands, we offer safe and innovative packaging that reduces waste and can be used anywhere, regardless of local distribution channels and climate conditions. In everything we do, we strive to exceed quality expectations and create value for all our key stakeholders, from our employees to the end-users of the packaged liquid food.

Our Sustainability Policy covers Ecolean’s approach to economic, environmental and social aspects. The effective management of these aspects enhances Ecolean’s performance and the quality of our products. We acknowledge that quality is essential to a sustainable business. Our target is always to strive for zero defects and to reduce our production waste. We continuously improve our management system and processes to strengthen our operational efficiency.
Ecolean complies with relevant legislation and voluntary standards


  • We always follow our Code of Conduct in terms of business ethics, and we have zero tolerance toward all forms of corruption.


  • Ecolean’s packaging solutions shall have the lowest possible environmental impact. Our design and manufacturing processes are based on a life-cycle perspective.
  • Ecolean strives to improve its sustainability performance by focusing on our most material topics and by working to reduce our negative impacts.


  • We support our employees and provide equal opportunities for career development.
  • We follow our Code of Conduct, which covers the areas of human rights, diversity, equality and non-discrimination.
  • Ecolean has a zero-injury target that we strive to meet by systematically improving our work environments and promoting the physical, mental and social health of our employees.
  • Food safety and superior quality packaging solutions are at our core. By risk reduction through continuous improvements, following standards and audits we safeguard food safety and quality within our part of the value chain.
  • We always provide our stakeholders with accurate and transparent information about our operations. All our environmental data is based on life-cycle assessments.


Ecolean complies with relevant legislation and voluntary standards that apply to our operations and packaging solutions in each country we operate in. We constantly work to raise awareness of sustainability and quality, and encourage our employees and business partners to respect people and the environment in their day-to-day activities. We also expect our suppliers to aspire to the same standards in their business operations, by signing and following the Ecolean Supplier Code of Conduct. We communicate the policy with stakeholders and raise awareness among our suppliers.

The sustainability policy is in accordance with Ecolean’s Code of Conduct and is supported and complemented by our Whistleblowing Policy. With our commitment to reduce environmental and social impacts and improve performance, we contribute to a more sustainable world.