APU launches Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml package for kids’ milkshakes

Company News - Thursday, June 22, 2017

APU, one of the most prominent beverage companies in Mongolia, announce the launch of three new milkshakes in the unique Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125 ml package. The launch helps establish APU's beverage brand Maamyy as a market and trend oriented brand, further offering innovation to its customers.

The Maamyy portfolio targeting kids, consists of several milk, dairy and juice products packaged in the unique Ecolean packaging format. The product range has now got company of three different flavours of milkshake: banana, strawberry and chocolate in the package formats of 125ml and 200ml. The portion-sized packages are perfect for easy and fun consumption on-the-go. Just tear off the tip, insert the straw and enjoy a tasty and nutritious product.

Following market tendencies, Maamyy has also extended their juice product range and added two new flavours - sea buckthorn and lingonberry.

For further information, please contact:
Tatiana Lund, Marketing Manager, Ecolean
Mobile: +791 66 37 17 58