Aseptic yoghurt conference in China

Company News - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In early April, Ecolean China invited around 30 people from 10 dairy companies to discuss the possibilities of long shelf life yoghurt in Ecolean packaging. The new yoghurt product category, long shelf life yoghurt, has not been on the market in China for very long but sales have already grown tremendously.

The first long shelf life yoghurt, 'Mosilian', was launched three years ago by the Bright dairy, a customer of Ecolean China. The market performance of this new product was extremely good, with rapid progress from the start. It opens up new market opportunities for dairy producers.

The one-day conference was held at the Beijing Asia hotel and, in addition to discussions of the Ecolean aseptic filling system and the potential of long shelf life yoghurt from a marketing point of view, APV was there to give its views on how to process long shelf life yoghurt.

There was an excellent response from participants at the conference and Ecolean plans to arrange something similar in future. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and trust that their investments will be successful!