The NEW Ecolean Air Aseptic
750 ml package

Company News - Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Further possibilities for our customers! We are expanding our packaging portfolio and offer you a new package size for your products. The 750 ml has tremendous shelf impact and appears bigger than its competitors in the same volume size.

It has the same benefits as our other Ecolean packages with its easily recognisable pitcher shape, consumer convenience and low environmental impact. With households getting smaller in our markets and demands for smaller packages increasing, the 750 ml package makes it easier for consumers to purchase the quantity they need and no more. It helps avoid unnecessary food waste, which is good for the environment.

The Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml is filled in the Ecolean EL3 filling machine, which means that you can switch between the 500, 750 and 1000 ml sizes in the same machine. This opens up innovative marketing and pricing possibilities. For example: you traditionally sell your product in Ecolean 750 ml packages. You run a campaign offering 25% extra product free in a 1 litre package for one month. Do you see how you can benefit from this in your business?

The Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml will be commercially available from autumn 2013. Our reclosing device, SnapQuick, can be featured on the package.

Find out how your brand will appear in the new 750 ml package!

Take the opportunity to create a package design for your products in the new Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml. Turnavisual is a company providing a service that enables you to create your package design in 3D:

Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml (Acrobat Reader 8.0.1 or higher required)

TurnAvisual is a Danish company founded in 2011.The idea of turning the artwork design process into a 100% digital new world, which cuts down the whole time-to-market process and saves remarkable resources at each end, encouraged us to develop the new TurnAvisual packaging shop with its library of 3D packaging models.