Ecolean Environment QR-code

Company News - Monday, October 15, 2012

Have you ever felt that there is a jungle of environmental symbols and not being sure of which one to use? And that you would like to tell more about the environmental benefits of the Ecolean package but not had enough space on your package? No worries, we have a solution for you.

We got a request from one of our customers to create a QR-code linking to a mobile-site with information about the environmental benefits of the Ecolean package. We thought this was an excellent idea to communicate the benefits with the consumer and now all of our customers are welcome to use it for free.

The Ecolean Environment QR-code

When scanned by a smartphone and its code reader application, the consumer is directed to a mobile website. The mobile site explains our lightweight concept and why the Ecolean package is the better choice for the environment. The site is translated into three languages (Chinese, English & Russian).


  • You need a smart phone.
  • Go to Android market, App store or similar.
  • Search for QR scanner/reader
  • Install the app on your smart phone (takes approx. 30 sec.) – It is free!
  • Open the app and choose scan QR code by camera
  • Point the camera over the QR code on the screen
  • Go to the link

If you are interested in using The Ecolean Environment QR-code for your products in Ecolean packages, please contact Ecolean Customer Support for assistance.