Ecolean's innovative package wins prestigious award

Company News - Monday, June 6, 2016

During March 1st–4th, 2016 Ecolean took part in the 14th International Dairy & Meat Industry exhibition in Moscow, Russia, where the most appreciated Dairy & Meat Industry Innovation Awards was presented, aiming to show top technological innovations in the dairy industry. Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml was chosen as the winner of the best innovation in packaging technology category.

The Dairy & Meat Industry exhibition is one of Russia’s leading business-events, demonstrating equipment and technology for the dairy and meat industry. This year, 244 companies from 19 countries was participating, once again confirming the exhibition’s strategic importance for the dairy and meat industries in Russia. The exhibition was also accompanied by a significant business conference program.

The Dairy & Meat Industry Innovation Awards was presented during the exhibition and Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml was selected as best innovation in packaging technology.

Ecolean launched the Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml package in 2013, and it has since been recognized as a shelf hero thanks to its unique shape and its comparability to other conventional packages for liquid food in larger volume sizes. Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml is filled in Ecolean EL3 filling machine, offering an easy shift between the 500, 750 and 1000ml sizes.

“This is the proof of high recognition considering that the leading international manufacturers of packaging material and equipment took part in the innovation contest. In 2015 some our clients appreciated Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml package advantages and launched it for their products. It opens up innovative marketing and sales possibilities. We are confident that the share of Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml package on the shelf will continue its growth in the future”

- Sergey Sirotin, CEO of Ecolean in Russia and CIS.

Ecolean® Air Aseptic 750ml package has the same benefits as other Ecolean packages with its easily recognisable pitcher shape, consumer convenience and lightweight features.

Even though the package is light and thin it has a multilayer structure that protects the content. The eight layer material is based on the unique Ecolean technology with extended light and oxygen barriers, protecting the product quality inside and assuring its characteristics during the entire shelf life.