Hemme Milch wins German Brand Award 2023, in the Product Brand of the Year category with Ecolean’s packages

Company News - Thursday, July 6, 2023

Ecolean’s customer since many years, Hemme Milch has won the German Brand Award 2023 in the Product Brand of the Year category, for their rebranding with the Ecolean’s packages. After a recent update of their range of Ecolean packages, the refreshed design and relaunch of their brand, Hemme Milch were awarded the German Brand Award 2023 by the German Design Council. Among the 1,200 submissions, many well-known companies were represented with projects, campaigns and brand portfolios, but in the category Product Brand of the Year, Hemme Milch was the most convincing.

“The phrase ‘You don't have to be big to do great things’ applies to us, which is a quote that we also print on our milk products in Ecolean packages. We hope for a strong response from the industry and many new customers that we can inspire for Hemme Milch. This award is very special for us”, says Bianca Stapf from Hemme Milch.

“We celebrate our long-time partners at Hemme and applaud their way of incorporating the differentiating and characteristic Ecolean format as part of the overall concept, which is loved by both consumers and the German Brand Award jury. And us!”, says Anna Svensson, Chief Marketing Officer at Ecolean.

The German Brand Award is one of the most important brand awards in Germany and this is not the first brand or packaging design award that Hemme has won for their minimalistic and unique brand appearance.

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