Junlebao's success in Ecolean packages

Company News - Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On September 4, renowned Chinese multibrand Junlebao hosted a press conference, celebrating the one year anniversary of its’ successful launch of cheese yoghurt in Ecolean packages. The press event was held in Shijiazhuang city, in China, where a total of 64 publications attended.

The popular cheese flavoured yoghurt, marketed in Ecolean packages has shown a strong sales performance and market presence, in the last year and is continuously growing. The president of Junlebao, Mr. Wei complimented “the great Ecolean package” for its light weight enabling a low environmental impact, and also it’s’ excellent protection features for yoghurt products.

Ecolean Group CEO Peter L Nilsson, who also attended the event, expressed “Ecolean and Junlebao have successfully collaborated for 15 years. The long term and close partnership has driven the growth and development of Junlebao’s products in Ecolean packaging as well as contributing to the overall success Ecolean has had in the Chinese market. We will deepen our strategic cooperation with Junlebao, and continue to offer the best support and service. We will fully support Junlebao to launch more and new innovative products and develop the cheese yoghurt category even further”.

As the first cheese yoghurt to be launched in the Chinese market, Junlebao’s product has proven to be very popular among consumers.

Peter L Nilsson, CEO Ecolean at the Junlebao press event