№1 Mongolian spirits producer breaking into dairy and juice

Company News - Friday, June 27, 2014

Since its establishment in 1924, the APU company has undergone remarkable growth from a small state-owned plant with 14 workers to a top national producer in Mongolia. With an outstanding collection of brands in the vodka, beer, soft drink, juice, and dairy categories, APU is Mongolia's largest producer.

APU's success has been due in large part to a talented and dedicated work force, a visionary management, a consumer-focused culture, and outstanding sales and marketing strategies. APU and its associate companies employ over 1,000 highly trained professionals, and its products are distributed through more than 6,000 retailers nationwide. The APU manufacturing facilities and offices are located in Ulan-Bator, the capital of Mongolia with over half of the country's entire population of 2.8 million people. The main focus of APU is on building a portfolio of premium brands and developing their corporate culture of quality and innovation on an international level, and Ecolean is proud to be a part of APU's progress.

The dairy and juice markets in Mongolia

When looking for new areas to develop, APU found significant growth potential in the dairy and juice market because there are only a few local players in the Mongolian market and little variety of products, especially with regard to dairy and juice products for children. Due to a uniformity of package types in the dairy category, the products did not stand out on the shelves. On the other hand, there was a huge variety of package types in the juice category, but nothing with an eco-profile and, again, very little with a focus on families or children. Because juice and dairy products are perceived as healthy and delicious foods in Mongolia, the Ecolean packages fit the profile for a new, innovative, and eco-friendly package that also appeals to children. APU launched a new line of juice and milk drinks for children, Maamyy, in Ecolean packages in February 2014, and in March 2014 APU launched a new line of dairy products for the whole family, Sain.

  • The Sain products offer healthy, tasty, and fresh dairy products that are affordable and contain something for every family member all in eco-friendly packaging. The dairy products are produced from pure cow milk without any artificial ingredients, and the product range includes, among other things, regular milk, fermented milk, yoghurt in strawberry, apricot, and forest berry flavors, and sour cream.
  • The Maamyy products are presented in colorful packaging and fun flavor combinations with a clear focus on children. They range from pure milk, chocolate milk, and banana milk to fruit and apple juice to peach, blueberry, and strawberry yoghurt, all in the Ecolean packages. The products contain healthy vitamins and natural ingredients.

A major brand with interests in innovations and that sees the potential in the market - in combination with an eco-friendly, lightweight package that stands out on the shelf - creates an impact that the consumer can't ignore. The Mongolian market has welcomed the Sain and Maamyy products, and we wish the best of luck for APU and wish them continued growth and development.

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Facts about Mongolia

  • Population: 2.8 million
  • Capital: Ulan-Bator, population = 1.4 million
  • Territory: 1.5 million square km