Our recycling partner REDcycle has stopped recycling activities in Australia

Company News - Wednesday, November 9, 2022

It has come to our knowledge that from 9th of November 2022, our recycling partner REDcycle in Australia has stopped with its’ recycling activities. REDcycle’s supply chain and connected collectors and recyclers are impacted by unforeseen challenges connected to the pandemic, which has forced REDcycle to temporarily store the plastic materials instead of processing the materials to granulates. REDcycle is currently working to find new ways and new contractors in order to start their recycling activities again.

Ecolean is committed to working for a functioning circular economy for flexible packages and will continue to drive this development through our existing projects and collaborations. We are part of CEFLEX, which joins the entire value chain within flexible packaging to find solutions for recycling. We work to develop our product portfolio by designing for recycling and we will continue to support and join recycling initiatives on our different markets.

We will keep you updated regarding the REDcycle developments.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

Anna Palminger, Chief Sustainability Officer,
+46 10 459 46 90, anna.palminger@ecolean.se

Hanna Jeppsson, Communications Director,
+46 10 459 45 92, jeppsson@ecolean.se