En Direct Des Éleveurs

The French brand, En Direct Des Éleveurs is offering regionally produced high-quality UHT-milk for regional consumption in a transparent, responsible and traceable way.

eaa 1000ml

Translated as 'straight from the farmer', the brand is offering a direct chain from the producer to the consumer. To ensure the tractability of the milk, a QR code on the package allows consumers to know which farm the milk originates from. The farmers are paid a higher litre price for their milk and it is also sold at a higher shelf price in retail at selected super- and hypermarkets in western France.

The UHT-milk is packed in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 1000ml. It was chosen for its lightweight material, the unique shape, and convenient features. The packaging can also be reclosed thanks to the award-winning SnapQuick™.

Award-winning brand

Since its launch in 2016, the brand has experienced success after success. En Direct Des Éleveurs was awarded the 'SIAL 2016 Innovation Award' in the dairy category for their initiative and became a two-time winner at the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2017 in the categories; Best New Brand or Business & Best Dairy Packaging Design.

Together we build a model that can offer another choice, another direction to our agriculture.
- Mr. Fabrice Hégron, Co-founder, Sas De Nous à Vous.

En Direct Des Éleveurs commercial

Delivering high-quality milk

  • Traceable milk source for each package
  • Rich in natural Omega-3
  • No palm oil and no GMO
  • The cows are fed with grass, flax seeds and alfalfa
  • New modern dairy opened in 2016
  • Ambient distribution in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 1000ml

Sas De Nous à Vous

Sas De Nous à Vous, a partly crowdfunded dairy cooperative in France, was founded on the idea to give back to both farmers and consumers. The company is located in Remoullé, Loire-Atlantique and is run by farmers themselves. The number of farms joining this unique project is continuously rising.

En direct des eleveurs