In fierce competition, the need for differentiation on the Xinjiang yoghurt market in northwest China was one of the main reasons why Tianrun choose to launch yoghurt in Ecolean® Air 200ml.

Ecolean Air 200 ml

The Ecolean packaging format was introduced as the "Mini Pack" in 2015 and Tianrun put a lot of effort in promoting their new format. The concept was to bring designs with striking colours and patterns and promote the packages for its lower environmental impact and convenience features. This proved to be a successful strategy. In the first year, sales of Ecolean packages reached 130 million.

Active marketing

Tianrun continuously introduces new innovative products to their portfolio. Each with striking colourful designs, and for special festivities, such as the Chinese New Year, a completely new look is given to the core product. The brand is also highly integrated with social media where consumers are engaged in different events. In the campaign "Travel with Tianrun yoghurt" consumers were encouraged to upload images of themselves and had the opportunity to win prizes.

The Ecolean package with its uniqueness has enabled Tianrun to involve the package to a greater extent in their marketing strategy. In 2017, Tianrun introduced a UHT-milk in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 200ml.

We found that Ecolean could meet our demands in both aspects as a package; Ecolean's packages have never appeared in the Xinjiang market, so we are absolutely differentiated from the competition. Meanwhile, the integrity and portability of the entire package go a long way to better meet consumer demands.
- Mr. Lu Mingming, General Manager Marketing & Sales, Tianrun Dairy.

Tianrun case movie

The Ecolean "Mini Pack"

Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co.

Founded in 2002, Tianrun is today one of Xinjiang's largest dairy producer and was introduced on the Shanghai stock exchange in 2013. The company operates three dairy plants in the Xinjiang province in the northwest China.