Ecolean joins forces with Dairy Home to promote green development

Press releases - Thursday, November 3, 2022

Ecolean collaborates with their partner Dairy Home, an organic dairy producer in Thailand to jointly announce the mission and vision of green development during a PR event in Thailand on October 31st, 2022. Representatives of Ecolean and Dairy Home shared how they will promote environmental sustainability with innovative lightweight packaging for liquid food that reduces the amount of waste generated and reduce the use of resources, resulting in a reduction in environmental impact throughout the process.

Mark Easton, Sales Director – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand of Ecolean

“Ecolean was founded in 1996 in Helsingborg, Sweden. We are in the business of innovative packaging for liquid food products. By focusing on driving the industry together, we can truly support environmental sustainability. With the concept of minimal material consumption while maintaining the quality of material flexibility along with innovative and high-efficiency filling solutions, through Ecolean's specialized filling machines Ecolean is today a fast-growing company that has expanded its business to many countries. Currently, we have 30 branches abroad. The largest markets being China, Vietnam, and Pakistan, we focus on innovating and developing innovative packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the global liquid food industry. Also, by providing the best experience of end consumers that want to be a part of promoting environmental sustainability through consumption behaviours that have less impact on the environment”, says Mark Easton, Sales Director – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand of Ecolean.

Mr.Thantanat Kongchansiri - Country Manager of Ecolean Thailand

Mr.Thantanat Kongchansiri, Ecolean's Country Manager in Thailand said, “For the business of Ecolean in Thailand, we have introduced innovations that are light on the environment and differs from traditional packaging. which is of interest to many brands of liquid food products including pasteurized dairy. This is a result of the popularity of consumer ​​that focus on environmental problems arising from consumption behavior. therefore, need products which are packaged in a packaging that has been through production processes that are leaner on the environment throughout the process".

"This can be referenced from the latest consumer behavior survey from Euromonitor, which reveals that consumers in Thailand are focused on choosing the products that fit their lifestyles as well as providing a lighter environmental footprint. To be in line with their busy lifestyles, as well as wanting to protect the environment, packaging of various products in the market is one of the factors that consumers pay attention to. It was found that 45 percent of the respondents which is a sample group of consumers in Thailand decided to buy products that use sustainable packaging, and 69 percent chose products that reduce the use of plastic”, shared Mr. Kongchansiri.

Mr. Pruit Kerdchuchuen, Managing Director and Founder of Dairy Home Social Enterprise Co., Ltd

Mr. Pruit Kerdchuchuen, Managing Director and Founder of Dairy Home Social Enterprise Co., Ltd., revealed that “Dairy Home is committed to continual development for a better environment. by encouraging the stakeholders whether it is an employee or partner about taking care of the environment for a community including changing the behavior of farmers, to reduce environmental problems caused by the use of agrochemicals and promoting consumer popularity ​​towards the consumption of organic products to help the health. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions at the same time. As a model of social enterprise, Dairy Home chooses Ecolean packaging, recognizing that both Dairy Home and Ecolean share a common ideology of doing business without affecting the environment. Ecolean packaging contains less plastic and takes up less storage space than conventional packaging. It is easier to recycle than a metal-containing milk carton. Which Dairy Home has done research with the Plastics Institute that this type of milk sachet can be recovered and processed into recycled materials, used as raw materials for forming to create a variety of new products, in line with the circular economy that the world is interested in and continually developing this model. Another achievement that can guarantee the quality of Ecolean packaging is that Dairy Home received the DEmark Award 2022 in the Packaging Design category. from the Ministry of Commerce by the Department of International Trade Promotion".

“Dairy Home dairy products using Ecolean packaging can be found in leading supermarkets and online stores across the country. The products include Organic Whole Milk, Organic Low-Fat Milk, Organic Grass Fed Milk and Bedtime Milk. Ecolean packaging compared to the original packaging of Dairy Home, can help to reduce the use of plastics by up to 75 percent, which in turn reduces the amount of waste and reduce the waste collection area for consumers as well. Efforts and dedication to reduce the use of natural resources is a guideline that complies with Dairy Home's policy focusing on food production using the most sustainable production methods”, concluded Mr. Pruit.

Dairy Home and Ecolean invited partners and press to a joint event on October 31rd, 2022 at the Dairy Home facility.