Ecolean launches new smaller portion-size package for the chilled segment

Press releases - Friday, March 8, 2024

The Ecolean® Air 125 format is a 125 ml package that is designed to offer a convenient and unique packaging experience.

With smaller portion-size packages proving popular among Ecolean customers, the new Ecolean® Air 125 for the chilled segment broadens Ecolean’s portfolio to meet consumer demand and enter additional market segments.

Just the right size

“Ecolean® Air 125 is easily designed to fit into a school backpack, gym bag, back pocket or the palm of your hand,” explained Markus Dahl, Product Manager at Ecolean.” Its smaller size not only makes it convenient and perfect for on-the-go consumption, the package also has a large display surface area that can accommodate designs that really appeal to consumers in a busy retail environment.

Ecolean lightweight packaging solution means more food using less resources

With a third of all food lost or wasted, Ecolean believes that all produced food should reach somebody’s mouth and not be wasted. Ecolean´s high quality flexible packaging, makes it easy to empty every last drop.

Ecolean® Air 125 also provides a smaller portion-size that makes it more likely that the entire contents of the package are eaten, even with young children. This helps to reduce food waste and decrease the carbon footprint.

Ecolean® Air 125 is available in China from 12 March 2024.


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About Ecolean

Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the beverage, dairy and liquid food industry. Ecolean’s lighter packaging system combines a low environmental footprint with high food safety credentials and consumer convenience. Ecolean was established in 1996 in Sweden, where the headquarters are still located. Ecolean has commercial activities in over 20 countries, with a strong focus on Asian markets. The largest markets are China, Vietnam and Pakistan. Ecolean has 450 employees.

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