Ecolean Pakistan partners with Green Earth Recycling to turn plastic waste into reusable pallets

Press releases - Monday, October 9, 2023

Ecolean Pakistan has entered a partnership with Green Earth Recycling, emphasizing a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and circularity, by implementing reusable practices on the market. To strengthen circularity ambitions, Ecolean will recycle plastic waste from the production plant in Lahore, to create reusable plastic pallets implemented into their own supply chain.

In an era of pressing environmental concerns, the issue of responsible resource-use and plastic waste management lies high on the agenda. Lightweight packaging producer, Ecolean joins forces with Green Earth Recycling to implement circular and reusable practices into their Pakistan supply chain.

“The project will strengthen our ambitions towards circularity and states as a practical example of how we can ensure resources being used, again and again at its highest value. By reducing waste, enabling the recycling of plastic waste, and creating a reusability system in our own supply chain, we minimise environmental impact and cost for Ecolean, our customers and the climate”, says Anna Palminger, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ecolean Group.

Partnering with Green Earth Recycling

Green Earth Recycling, with its expertise in recycling and a strong dedication to environmental conservation, is the perfect partner for this endeavour. Together with Ecolean, they aspire to make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste and fostering responsible resource management.

“We are proud to align our efforts with Green Earth Recycling,” says Peter Hauggaard, Managing Director at Ecolean Pakistan. "This initiative represents our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our planet. By repurposing plastic waste into pallets, we are contributing to a cleaner, healthier Earth.”

Focus on waste reduction

Ecolean’s packaging production plants have a great focus on reducing production waste through continuous improvements and standardisation work, and just last year the Pakistan plant reduced the total amount of waste it generated by 20 percent. In total during 2022, 95 percent of the waste Ecolean generated globally was sent for recycling.


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Ecolean’s reusable plastic pallets made from recycled production waste.

Ecolean will recycle production waste and create plastic pallets to be used in their supply chain, Ecolean’s production plant in Lahore, Pakistan.


About Ecolean

Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the beverage, dairy and liquid food industry. Ecolean’s lighter packaging system combines a low environmental footprint with high food safety credentials and consumer convenience. Ecolean was established in 1996 in Sweden, where the headquarters are still located. Ecolean has commercial activities in over 20 countries, with a strong focus on Asian markets. The largest markets are China, Pakistan and Vietnam. Ecolean has 450 employees.

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