Ecolean's aseptic filling machines save resources, maximise operations

Press releases - Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ecolean, a global supplier of lightweight packaging solutions for both ambient and chilled liquid food, launches EL6 and EL3+ filling machines for aseptic portion- and family-sized packages.

Just as the company is committed to producing lighter, flexible packaging solutions that help food and beverage producers do more with less, Ecolean’s filling equipment is compact and efficient. The EL6 and EL3+ feature higher capacities, a reduced impact on the environment and competitive operational costs, all while maintaining the same footprint, compared to previous versions.

“When launching these higher capacity machines for ambient distribution, we put a lot of effort into lowering the cost per pack for our customers,” says Christian Olsson, Director Filling Lines. “It makes a difference, not only on offering an even more competitive Total Cost of Ownership, but also on reducing the environmental impact further. We can now offer an easier machine to operate with higher capacity for our customers, all within the same footprint.”

EL6 increases filling capacity, making it Ecolean’s fastest machine to date

The EL6 features six fillers to increase capacity to fill up to 18,000 portion-sized packages per hour. For use with Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml, 200ml, 250ml and 350ml, the EL6 uses up to 30% less air, water and energy during both production and cleaning.

To complete the EL6 filling line, optional equipment include a CIP unit, a straw applicator, a package buffer unit and a package conditioning unit as well as easy configuration to secondary packaging solutions.

EL3+ saves resources while improving capacity

The EL3+ is replacing the EL3 machine and features a 25% increase in capacity to fill up to 7,500 family-sized packages per hour. For use with Ecolean® Air Aseptic 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml packages, the EL3+ uses less air and energy during production and up to 50% less water during the cleaning cycle.

An updated control system with moveable HMI screen together with a simplified outfeed, placing packages directly on a downstream conveyor, enable the capacity increase and improved machine performance. Other options for the EL3+ include a CIP unit, an integrated packer and a SnapQuick™ applicator, applying Ecolean’s unique and award-winning reclosure SnapQuick™ to the packages.

Making it easier for the customer

Like all aseptic Ecolean filling machines, an integrated cleaning-in-place and pre-production sterilisation system as well as an HEPA filtered filling zone ensure the same high level of hygiene, before and under production. The ready-to-fill packages are sterilised using electron beam treatment, hermetically sealed and distributed on reels from Ecolean plants. Before opening, filling and sealing in the filling machine, the outer surfaces of the packages are re-sterilised using a system of 1% peroxide spray and UV light.

“It is important that Ecolean makes it easier for our customers. The reason for constantly improving our own performance, as well as the efficiency of the Ecolean filling machines, is to maximise results for our customers”, says Olsson. “With higher capacities within the same footprint, advanced technology yet easy operations, Ecolean offers a lighter solution.”

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