Ecolean takes leadership in sustainable packaging

Press releases - Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ecolean, a global producer of lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food, publishes its second Sustainability Report. The report focuses on Ecolean’s ambition and actions to provide the world with safe and convenient liquid food packaging solutions - with minimal environmental impact.

The world’s demand for innovative packaging solutions are increasing as a result of a growing population, changing consumer demands and a global climate challenge. Ecolean enables optimal packaging solutions by continuously enhancing its product portfolio and through an ambitious strategy for global growth.

During 2018, Ecolean completed the introduction of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all of its packages. By doing so, Ecolean became the first packaging system supplier in the world to offer this type of verified environmental documents of its entire system. Furthermore, Ecolean took a step closer to its objective to use 100 percent renewable electricity at its production sites by 2030.

“By switching to renewable electricity, we can reduce the climate impact of our production”, says Anna Palminger, Manager Sustainability at Ecolean. ”I’m proud of our results. In 2018, 84 % of the electricity used at Ecolean’s production plants was renewable and 82 % of the total energy used in production originated from renewable sources. We also shifted from natural gas to renewable biogas at our plant in Sweden – meaning that all energy used at that site is now 100 % renewable.”
“Moving forward means further enhancing the life cycle perspective – and will require joint efforts and collaborations with both our industry partners and our customers,” says Peter L Nilsson, CEO at Ecolean. “We think it is important to take steps that drive the entire industry forward in a more sustainable direction, such as introducing EPDs for all our packages. The way ahead is to intensify our collaboration with others such as through CEFLEX (a circular economy for flexible packaging) and local recycling initiatives. This is a significant step forward for Ecolean that reinforces our position as a leading sustainable packaging supplier”.

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