Legendary anime Evangelion choose Ecolean’s lightweight packages

Press releases - Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The legendary anime Evangelion and its official brand RADIO EVA are launching a series of juice beverages in lightweight Ecolean packages on the Japanese market, through Nippon Akinai and Cheerio Corporation. Looking for innovative and differentiating packages with strong sustainability credentials, the choice was easy – Ecolean fulfils their demands.

Global packaging supplier Ecolean has had an extensive expansion strategy during the last couple of years and is present on the Japanese market since 2015. The cooperation with RADIO EVA, Nippon Akinai and Cheerio is now further strengthened when packing the well-known Japanese anime Evangelion’s beverages.

In Japan, innovative and convenient packaging solutions are close to the heart of consumers. As a brand owner, it can be hard to stand out. Sustainability has also risen on the agenda in Japan and beverage producers are now looking to packaging as a solution.

“When I first saw Ecolean packages, the stylish appearance really struck me and I instantly imagined that they are ideal for innovative beverage products. Through the project with Cheerio and Nippon Akinai, I hope the lightweight Ecolean packages will be recognized by many Japanese consumers“, says Tomohiro Kato, director at RADIO EVA.

Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Grape and Orange juice beverages are packaged in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 200ml.




All images: ©khara

About Radio Eva

An official Evangelion project since 2008 and the main concept is “Everyday Life with EVANGELION“.  The innovative project seeks for new expressions with Evangelion and launched more than 600 items including clothing, interior decorations, bicycles and bags.

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About Ecolean

Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the beverage, dairy and liquid food industry. Ecolean’s modern lightweight packaging solutions and resource-efficient filling lines offer both customer and consumer convenience and environmental responsibility. Ecolean is a global company with its headquarters in Sweden. Established in 1996, the company has commercial activities in over 30 countries, with China, Pakistan, Russia and Europe being its largest markets. Ecolean has 500 employees.

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