Три награды за три месяца

Press releases - Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After a successful and highly recognized launch of a new aseptic packaging system in March, this new packaging has been awarded in the 21st DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, at the Beverage Innovation Awards 2009 and now also the Scanstar 2009.    

Three prestigious prizes within the last three months, is of course very gratifying. It is a confirmation once again that our innovative packaging is appreciated, which also is proved by the rapid increase in sales that we experience.
- Peter L Nilsson, Managing Director Ecolean

Motivation of the Scanstar jury:

The new aseptic technology simplifies the filling process at the customer's site. The air filled handle facilitates the consumer's handling of the package and markedly improves its stability.

The Ecolean aseptic packaging is a lightweight package and weighs just 14 grams. That is 40-50% of a conventional liquid food carton or bottle, which has been the standard for aseptic packaging for a long time. By using a minimal amount of material, Ecolean create a lightweight package that combines low environmental impact and low costs with high consumer convenience.

Ecolean has taken a somewhat different approach to aseptic packaging. New to the industry is Ecolean's choice of a non-chemical alternative for package sterilisation, which ensures that food contact surfaces are never exposed to any chemicals. The sterilisation is also separated from the filling machines, which allows it to be handled under controlled conditions at our own plants. The material is a flexible multi-layered polymer film that protects the product.

The awards are an acknowledgement that our products are in the line with the global demand of modern and smart lightweight packaging. We will continue to grow in Europe and China, but we are in the process of establishing plans for other markets as well, says Peter L Nilsson.