Company News - Friday, September 25, 2020

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards ceremony was held on August 13th, 2020 in Guangzhou, China.  Ecolean’s ambient package in portion size won the award for Innovative Portable Packaging.

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards, one of the most professional and influential industry awards in China, were held by Ringier Trade Media since 2006. The awards are now rewarded to a select group of innovators each year in Food Industry.

“After several weeks of rigorous evaluation process and professional and conscientious evaluation by independent jury, 26 products from 26 companies were selected as the final innovation winners of this year. Today, we cheer for innovative enterprises! These award-winning products are worthy of the title of ‘innovation’. They are innovative in R & D technology and production process, or they are not limited in application fields, “says Ms. Maggie Liu, Ringier Trade Media vice president.

Ecolean® Air Aseptic package in portion size was recognized as convenient to open and use, easy on-the-go, closer to consumers’ usage scenarios comparing to traditional packages.” - The jury's expert opinion.

The award highlights Ecolean's unique and innovation, producing lightweight packaging solutions suitable for liquid food, and very convenient for consumers to use on-the go or at home.