The winner in Danish milk taste

Company News - Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Milk from the organic dairy Osted mejeri in Denmark, was the clear test winner in a taste test made by Danish television, TV2 and newspaper Politiken. Both the first and the second places, out of the six tested products, were packed in Ecolean Air packages.

Osted Mejeri produces organic dairy products both under their own brand (the winner) and labeled for the supermarket Rema 1000 (second place).

Ecolean and the Osted dairy has been collaborating since the owner, Karl Simonsen, founded it in 2003. He says, We started up in a small scale, with producing 200 000 liter of milk per year and ever since the beginning we have had a clear ambition to deliver good quality to a fair price. And apparently people like what we are doing! Today we sell more than 5 million liter milk. He continues, we use the Ecolean package, for all our products, as it is a lightweight package that leaves small environmental footprints, it stands out on the shelf and our customer likes to use it.

The test panel meant that some of the other milk, packed in carton packages, had a taste of paper which made the milk taste old. Thomas Hansen, who is assistant professor at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen, was a part of the test panel. In an interview on Danish television, TV2, he explained that milk is a flexible product that easily can adapt taste from the surroundings. He says, that you begin to wonder, if the two winning milks that both were packed in plastic packages tasted better, due to the packaging or if it the cows eat a different kind of cattle food?

Minimilk is one of the most popular milk categories in Denmark and was introduced in 2001. The minimilk fat percentage is lower than 0,5%.