In 2007, HuaHuaNiu was on the lookout for packaging innovation in order to differentiate their products. The choice fell on Ecolean® Air 200ml which became a huge success.

Ecolean Huahuaniu
Today their flagship yoghurt brand is strongly connected to the Ecolean packaging format, which has given the brand a modern image and offers convenience to consumers. The Ecolean package and its many convenient features have contributed a great deal to the success HuaHuaNiu has experienced in the chilled yoghurt segment over the past ten years. In 2013 HuaHuaNiu also introduced various products in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 200ml.

"Freshness near you"

In 2010, HuaHuaNiu launched the concept "Freshness near you" where the Ecolean package plays a significant role. This initiative is a promise made by the company to consumers in central China that guarantees the freshness of the products. Within the collection radius of 150 km from the dairy, it only takes two hours from collection to processing.

Ecolean filling machines are easy to operate. They are highly automated and very convenient to use.
- Mr. Chen Haitao, Production Director, HuaHuaNiu Dairy.

HuaHuaNiu case movie

Years of successful cooperation

Henan HuaHuaNiu Biotechnology 

Founded in 1955 as a livestock farm foundation HuaHuaNiu began producing dairy products in 1987. Today, HuaHuaNiu has over 2000 employees and three business divisions in central China. In 2016, HuaHuaNiu opened the doors to a new state-of-the-art dairy. Here consumers are able to visit the dairy to learn about dairy history, the company history and see the production of yoghurt.