Real Good

To target the young generation in Indonesia, Real Good launched three flavoured UHT-milks in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml with straw during 2017. 
eaa 125ml

With the launch, Real Good became the first brand to introduce Ecolean packages to consumers in Indonesia. Thanks to the unique shape and convenience features of Ecolean packages it stands out from its competitors and provide a modern packaging to consumers.

The Ecolean packages are promoted and marketed to consumers as “susu teko”, which is Indonesian for “milk teapot”. In addition, consumers are able to heat the product in the microwave or in a warm water bath, directly in the package, without any harm to the packaging or product.

Connecting with young consumers

With a platform of providing good nutrition for kids, the brand focuses much attention to promote the nutritional value of their dairy drinks. To connect with young consumer groups in Indonesia the brand holds several events at schools around the country. The aim is to educate children about the nutritional value and benefits of drinking milk.

A unique package which deliver convenience and stands out on the shelf.
- Mr. Agung Nugroho, Product Manager, So Good Food

So good food

Real Good UHT-Milk in Ecolean

  • Launched in 2017
  • Available in three flavours; strawberry, chocolate and sweet cheese
  • Primarily marketed towards younger children between 5-12 years
  • A snack for all occasions
  • Ambient distribution in Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml

PT. So Good Food

PT. So Good Food is one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in Indonesia. The company operates ten processing and manufacturing facilities around Indonesia and are active in processed food and dairy. PT. So Good Food is part of the Japfa group, a business conglomerate with headquarter in Singapore.

So good food