Well-known food company Nutifood in Vietnam chooses Ecolean for drinking milk products and jelly targeting kids and teens, to boost nutrition and catch the eyes of the modern consumer’s.

“We are confident that the Ecolean packaging creates a good opportunity for our brand to stand out in the market”, says Võ Hoàng Anh, Vice President Marketing, Nutifood. The Nuvi brand is printed in multi-design with a series of cartoon characters that the consumers also can follow in DVC’s online.

Nutifood launched Ecolean’s aseptic packages in the sizes of 125ml and 250ml, with both flavoured milk and white milk, the latter imported from New Zealand. “To ensure nutritional value in our products, which is especially important when you offer products to kids and teens, we work very closely with our institute in Sweden called Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS).

“We choose Ecolean because it has a unique value proposition offering an innovative packaging, which is convenient to use, standing out in display and at the same time offers world-class food safety. It is both flexible and durable,” says Võ Hoàng Anh. “Today's consumers also take sustainability into account when thinking about the product or brand that they are going to buy. Ecolean packaging is standing out in that value as well”.

World first jelly product in Ecolean packaging

The peach flavoured Nuvi Jelly is packaged in the Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125 ml, with a cool and fun design targeting kids from 3 years old. Marketed without a straw, consumers squeeze and drink or eat directly from the package. The viscous jelly product category is the perfect match for Ecolean’s flexible package, where easy-to-empty packages are convenient.

The formula is developed by the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden (NNRIS) and contains vitamin B complex (B1, B5 and B6), vitamin K2, D3, calcium and zinc to support the growth and health needs of children. The Nuvi Jelly is marketed through retail and e-commerce.

Nutifood in Ecolean packages

  • Targeting a younger generation
  • Ambient distribution in Ecolean®Air Aseptic 125ml and 250ml
  • Products include;
    • Flavoured milk in Tropical Fruit, Strawberry, Orange, Cocoa and Peach Apple
    • Peach jelly
    • Regular Milk

NutiMilk 100% New Zealand Milk

Nutimilk 100% Natural grass-fed New Zealand cow's milk is researched by NutiFood experts with essential vitamins and minerals such as A, D3, and Zinc added to help strengthen bones, bright eyes and strengthen immune system.

Packed in Ecolean Air Aseptic 250 ml it is distributed via retail and e-commerce.


Nutifood was founded in 1989 and is today Vietnam’s Third largest dairy company. With five production units in the country, as well as a nutritional institute in Sweden, Nutifood’s mission is to become the leading company in nutritional products and sustainable development for consumer’s benefit.