Ecolean provides lightweight packaging solutions for South Korean food company Pulmuone

Press releases - Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The South Korean leading fresh food company Pulmuone increases environmental awareness by introducing Ecolean’s lightweight packaging for its products in the rapidly growing and progressive liquid food market of South Korea.

Pulmuone, a fresh food company headquartered in South Korea with activities on global markets including the United States, China and Japan, launches its two first beverage products; Cocoa Classic and Golden Apple, in Ecolean packaging. The key consumer group of the two beverages is schoolchildren, where the products are an easy-to-use and nutritious companion for their lunch meals.

Pulmuone has the ambition to offer packages with minimal environmental impact for all its products by 2022. Pulmuone’s corporate plan for adopting environmental awareness packaging includes reducing plastic use and enable convenient recycling for consumers. The launch of Pulmuone products in Ecolean packaging is a major step in the right direction. To help consumers find more environmentally conscious products, Pulmuone has introduced eco-labels with a leaf emblem on its packages with low environmental impact. The labels provide consumer information on the packaging, including reduced plastic content.

“Ecolean is of course very pleased with the fact that Pulmuone chooses Ecolean’s lightweight packaging solutions as one of the key factors when highlighting environmental awareness for their consumers while simultaneously making their environmental footprint lighter”, says Johnny Sajland, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecolean.

Ecolean’s packages were recently confirmed as easy to recycle in South Korea by the Ministry of Environment, further adding to benefits of aluminium-free aseptic packaging and the importance of having a life cycle approach when evaluating the sustainability of packaging solutions.

Pulmuone is one of several recent customer launches in Ecolean packaging in South Korea. “Ecolean has been able to cover all main categories with a diversity of different brands and products less than one year after start-up in the country”, says Sajland.

All the launches in Korea are co-packed at Vilac‘s co-packing site. Vilac, a Yakult-owned company with several own brands within the food and beverage segment, also packs Yakult’s own successful launch in Ecolean packages from last year.


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