First Ecolean package recycling point in Moscow

Press releases - Thursday, April 9, 2020

As always and especially under the current special circumstances, Ecolean’s mantra is 'Safety First'. All our activities lead up to supporting Ecolean employees, customers, partners and consumers in staying safe. We are proud to announce that our collaboration with Ecoline in Russia has led to the opening of a first collection and recycling point of Ecolean packages in Moscow. However, we urge all visitors of this collection point, to please make sure to follow all safety measures recommended by the World Health Organisation and local authorities.

We are eager to continue to spread good news from our own business initiatives and from customers, especially the ones reducing our overall impact on the environment, like this one. Please let us know if you have any questions.

First Ecolean package recycling point in Moscow

Global packaging producer Ecolean and leading waste operator in Moscow, EcoLine, have established a collecting and recycling point that serves over two million consumers.

Ecolean works proactively to both optimise resource use when producing its lightweight, convenient packages, and to ensure that packages are recycled post-consumption. This approach offers the packaging industry a good practice life-cycle example.

A new recycling partnership

Ecolean has signed a new agreement with EcoLine, the leading waste operator in Moscow, and Ecolean’s lightweight packages have been accepted at the Zelenaya Tochka waste collection point at the Flacon design factory in Moscow since March. The collected Ecolean packages are sent to the Tver Secondary Polymer Plant for recycling where they are used to manufacture new products – such as stationery, plastic furniture, polymeric sand pavers, and housewares.

Reducing waste through recycling

“EcoLine Group’s strategy is aimed reducing waste by collecting and recycling as many packages as possible,” explains Elena Vishnyakova, Deputy CEO of EcoLine. “So we are glad to see a growing number of packaging producers participating in collecting and recycling activities of their packages, because without their participation this process is impossible. The collection point at Flacon has become a test site for collaboration with a number of sustainability-minded packaging producers.”

Recycling – an important part of the life-cycle approach

Ecolean’s commitment to provide lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food products combines food safety and consumer convenience with less environmental impact.

“Our packages weigh about 50-60% less than conventional packaging concepts,” says Sergey Sirotin, Managing Director of Ecolean Russia & CIS. “This reduces environmental impacts during the entire life-cycle of the packages, including transportation, storage, use and disposal. To join forces with EcoLine and to offer yet another recycling opportunity is absolutely fantastic, and we are committed to continue to develop new ways of reducing waste and to increase recycling.”

More information on EcoLine

  • EcoLine has been the leading waste collection and disposal operator in the Northern and Central districts of Moscow since 2014.
  • EcoLine provides a full range of waste management measures – from collecting, sorting and transporting to recycling plants. EcoLine Group serves more than 2 million people and 7,500 businesses in Moscow.
  • EcoLine annually collects and transports more than 700,000 tonnes of refuse. The entire waste stream is sorted at the company’s plants.
  • Visit the official EcoLine website:

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