Environmental Impact Guide

Choose your package and learn more about its environmental impact from cradle to gate.

This means the impact from raw materials, production and packaging until the ready-to-fill, pre-converted packages are about to leave the Ecolean gate. Now will their journey to the filling at the customer’s site start.


The results are taken from Ecolean Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for packages for chilled and ambient distribution. The EPDs follow the Product Category Rules (PCR) for 2019:13 Packaging (1.1) as well as the principles and procedures of ISO 14025:2006. Ecolean’s EPD documents are independently verified and registered based on verified life-cycle assessment (LCA according ISO 14040 and 14044) data in accordance with the International EPD® System.

The impact from raw materials is equal to the upstream process in the EPDs and include all production processes for raw materials used in the packaging production and raw materials for transport packaging.

The result for the Ecolean production is equal to the core process as described in the EPD. The result include impact from transportation of raw materials to the Ecolean production site, manufacturing of the packaging material, printing and forming the ready-to-fill packages, wound on reels. The reels are covered by plastic wrapping and placed on wooden pallets. The core process also includes waste treatment for production waste and impacts due to the production of electricity and fuels used in the production process. Depending on the market, the production of Ecolean packages (primary packaging) is located in Helsingborg, Sweden, in TEDA, China or in Lahore, Pakistan. When the production of packages takes place in TEDA, China or in Lahore, Pakistan, the carbon footprint includes the transportation of packaging material to the package forming site.

For full environmental data and more detailed description of the studied system please see the Ecolean Environmental Product Declarations at The International EPD® System website:

Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages - production site Helsingborg, Sweden
Ecolean® Air packages - production site Helsingborg, Sweden
Ecolean® Air packages - production site TEDA, China
Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages - production site: TEDA, China
Ecolean® Air Aseptic - production site Lahore, Pakistan