Hemme Milch

One of Germany's oldest dairies, Hemme Milch, draws attention through modern design and their innovative packaging approach. When renewing their packaging strategy, the choice fell on Ecolean® Air 500ml and 1000ml.

The Ecolean packaging was chosen for its innovative shape and low environmental impact. A rising demand for premium products along with high consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty have been crucial to the success, for the regional dairy company.

Innovative package design

Hemme Milch's distinctive black package design has become well-established in the minds of the consumers. Not only do the products stand out on the shelves, due to its unique shape, but also when it comes to the brand colour. This has been a vital part of the strategy for creating a premium image. Hemme Milch has won several design awards, among them the German Brand Award 2023 in the Product Brand of the Year category and the German Packaging Awards in 2014.

In 2010 we started running a new dairy with modern technology. Our aim was to launch a sustainable, innovative package for pasteurized milk. And it should be different to conventional milk packages. 
- Mr. Jörgen Hemme, Owner, Hemme Milch.

What makes the difference?

    • Pipeline straight from milking station to processing
    • Fresh high-quality products daily - you can taste the difference
    • Fast delivery to local sales outlets
    • Traceability
    • An eye-catching black and white design in a differentiated
    • Chilled distribution in Ecolean® Air 500ml & 1000ml

Ecolean Air 500ml

Hemme Milch

Milk production at Hemme Milch started in 1589 and the dairy is still in the same family. Mr. Jörgen Hemme is the 18th generation farmer on the farm, which is located in Wedemark, northern Hannover region in Germany. A strong tradition of high-quality milk products and caring for the surroundings are leading words for this historic dairy. Every cow is born, raised and cared for on the farm. The result is high-quality products made from the heart.

Hemme milch